What if I see Canon iP4500 error 5B00 or 5B01

Canon Printer is really a smooth attempt for the crisp printouts you got. It works so efficiently to fulfill all your printing tasks and just in a go. After all this, you might also find some unknown errors that you can’t even think of. These are generally in the form of error codes that won’t be rectify simply. Whenever you face such error code, don’t even think twice; just consult the tech representatives available at Canon Contact Helpline for UK. They will fix your each issue in a short period possible.

You might confront Canon Printer Error 5B00 or 5B01 on iP4500 that dignifies that your printer’s ink absorber is full. This can be projected when you see blinking of green and orange light so frequently.  The best rectification of this error code is to reset your printing device. But before doing so, you are suggested to turn off your printer, and make printer on Service Mode condition first.

Below are the steps for Service Mode Operation Procedure:

  • Just turn the printing machine off while pressing the Resume/Cancel button.
  • Press and hold the power button for some time.
  • Then what you will see that the Power LED lights in green are indicating that a function is selectable.
  • Again, while holding the Power Button, you need to release the Resume/Cancel button.
  • When you see Power LED lights in green, just press the Resume/Cancel button for the specified number of times according to the function listed in the table below.

What the Lights and their Blinking Frequency indicates:

  1. Green Light
  • Doesn’t Blink- This means the power is off and it usually arrives when the print head is not installed, the carriage returns and locks in the home position capped.
  • Blinks twice- This signifies EEPROM information print.
  • Blinks Four Times- This shows Ink absorber counter resetting.
  • Blinks 6 Times- Print Head Deep Cleaning.
  • Blinks 8 Times- CD / DVD print position correction i.e. horizontal: X direction.
  • Blinks 10 Times- LF / Eject correction
  1. Orange Light
  • Blinks only 1 Time- This signifies Service Test Print.
  • Blinks 3 Times- EEPROM initialization.
  • Blinks 5 Times- Destination settings.
  • Blinks 7 Times- CD / DVD check pattern print.
  • Blinks 9 Times- CD / DVD print position correction i.e vertical or Y direction.

Now reset your Ink absorber settings:

  • You can go for resetting the ink absorber counter to 0% when the ink absorber is to be replaced, or when necessary after the logic board is replaced.
  • In the service mode, you need to press the Resume/Cancel button 4 times and click the Power button. The ink absorber counter value of the EEPROM is reset to 0% in a short period of time.
  • Resetting the ink absorber counter ON, and the ink absorber counter value is automatically printed from the selected paper source.
  • Now, just turn off the printer and complete the process.

If you still have any doubt relating this, just connect to the tech supporters at Canon Printer Phone Number in the UK. They feel very lucky to support you anytime round the clock.

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