Check Your Canon Printer When It Prints Blank Pages

Canon printer can perform to its full potential and can fulfill all your printing needs. But there are times when the user tries to print but all he/she gets is a blank page or poor quality of the print. Definitely, such situation can be really frustrating sometimes, especially if some important work got stuck just because of this. Here you can find the solution for this issue.

Note: The below-mentioned steps are only applicable for Windows users. If you are a Mac user then please consult the technicians on Canon Printer Phone Number UK @ 0808-169-1989 (Toll-Free) for assistance.

Check The Ink In The BJ Tank

If the BJ tank is low on ink or is completely empty then you need to replace it. This is necessary for the long life of your printer. You also need to make sure that the tops of the tank are aligned properly. In case the tanks are not seated properly then it can block the path of the ink from flowing out of the chamber into the print head. You can press down on the top of the tank until it locks down at the correct place.

Print Nozzle Check Pattern to Check The Print Head Status

This is necessary to check if your print head is properly aligned and if the ink is correctly flowing from the print head or not.

  • Click on the Start button and then click Printers.
  • Now right click your canon model and select Properties.
  • Then go to the Maintenance tab and click the Nozzle check button, then click OK.
  • Once the pattern is printed, double check it for the missing lines. If there are missing lines, then you need to perform print head cleaning to rectify the problem.

Print Head Cleaning Method

  • On your Windows PC, click the Start button and go to the Printers.
  • Then right click your printer icon and then select Properties.
  • Now go to the maintenance tab and select the cleaning icon.
  • After that, click on the Cleaning button and press Ok. (Print head cleaning will begin and the power light will start flashing. Once the light stops blinking you can continue in the normal manner.)
  • Now print the nozzle pattern again by following the procedure mentioned above.

If the result is still not up-to-the-mark then you need to perform the deep cleaning of your device.

Deep Cleaning of the Print Head

  • Go to the Start button on your desktop and then click on Printers.
  • Right click your Canon Printer from the list and then go to its Properties.
  • Now click on the maintenance tab and then select Deep Cleaning icon.
  • Then press the cleaning button and select OK. The cleaning process will take 1 to 2 minutes to complete.

Now print the nozzle check to verify if the issue is resolved or not. In case, if you are still getting the issue with your print head then perform deep cleaning once more. Although, if you are still getting unsatisfactory results then there is a possibility that you need to replace the ink tank, you can take help for replacement or service from professionals. These professionals can be contacted on Canon Printer Phone Number UK.

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