Canon Printer is Running Sluggishly or Not Responding

No doubt Canon printers are in great demand because of their reliability and durability. Canon creates different type of printer and each and every printer has its own pros and cons. Even sometimes users say that their printer become extremely slowly or stop responding to the print command send. This situation is very painful but Canon Printer Helpdesk has its solution with them and we will feel great to share some useful and effective tweaks with you to resolve this problem.

Try the given method to resolve the problem:

Method 1: Use Draft Mode– Printing in draft mode can be faster than the high quality mode but this will decrease the quality of the printout. You can use the draft mode for regular printing task that you are printing for your own sake.

Method 2: Clear Print Jobs– You can try cancelling all the print jobs from the control panel. But before that make sure your printer is properly connected to your device and is turned on. After cancelling the print job, try printing again as that might speed up your printer.

Method 3: Disable Duplex Printing– Duplex printing takes more time than normal printing as in this case you have to print on the both side of the page. No doubt, duplex printing is cost effective but is will diminish the printer performance.

Method 4: Check Wireless Connection– Printers become unresponsive or slow when they are connected with wireless router that has poor connections. Slow network speed can definitely delay your printing task.

Method 5: Use Genuine Cartridge– It is always suggested that one should always opt for genuine Canon ink cartridge as most printers are programmed to work well only with genuine cartridges. A third party cartridge can make them stop printing or print improperly.

Method 6: Turn Off Quite Mode– In the Quite mode the printer start performing at slower pace than normal as its arms move too slowly to perform printing task so that no noise is made while printing.

Method 7: Printer Driver can be an Issue– If you are using an incompatible printer driver or an outdated one then your printer will definitely perform poorly. Try to reinstall a compatible printer driver or update the driver. This can be done from manufacturer’s website.

If you want a detailed process for any of the above solution then feel free to dial us at Canon Printer Customer Support. We will make sure that your all queries are answered in a professional manner.

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